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KIWIN'S Branches

Our Origin

KIWIN'S was founded by Sid Smith who wanted his daughters to be a part in the community, However at the time there was only volunteer clubs for boys. So he founded Kiwanettes. Over time the club grew to become KIWIN'S.

KIWIN'S is one branch of many in Key Club International. KIWIN'S is the high school branch along side Key Club. Networking is a key role between all branches of Key Club International to accomplish service in the community.

CNH KIWIN'S Divisions

CNH KIWIN'S Key Club is divided into 9 divisions which are then further divided into different high schools all throughout California. Downey High School is a part of Diamond Division in the Southern California Region.

Executive Board

Wendy Galvan


Vanessa Valdovinos

Vice President

Haron Mendoza


Victoria Ceja


Appointed Board

Spirit Chair

Michelle Alvarez


Zamira Estrada

MC Rep

Lesly Caceres

Ariana Reyes

Spirit Chair

Terra Duron


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